I am producing interactive and computational arts exploring various topics about Human-Computer-Interaction, Science and Technology Studies (STS), and New Interface for Musical Expressions.

Three Philosophers (2019- ), Kang & Jackson

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/threephilosophers/

Breaking AndyWall/ Lady Bugs (2011- ), Kang

Online Exhibition (Breaking AndyWall): https://leokang.com/breakingandywall/
Online Exhibition (Lady Bugs): https://leokang.com/ladybug/

Intermodulator (2017- ), Kang

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/intermodulator

I Want To (2011- ), Kang

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/iwantto/

Scale (2014), Leo Kang, Taezoo Park and Steve Jackson

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/scale/

echo(); (2017-), Kang

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/echo/

Harmonic Paper/ 和 (2010-2013), Leo Kang and Amy Chein / Tianyuan Gu, and Geri Gay

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/he/

New York Story (2010), Leo Kang and Yoonju Cho

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/nystory/

soundBug (2009 - ), Kang

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/soundbug/

Jumpjam (2010), Leo Kang and Miriam Simun

Online Exhibition: https://leokang.com/jumpjam/