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Another Day, 2015

The project 'Another Day' is a series of multimedia art projects where writings, paintings, installations, and others forms of media are intermixed to describe a story about how animate and inanimate things in the world appear, change, go extinguished and stay in non-linear and non-human-centered way. This project describes that our individual world and its series of events are not created or happened through a certain linear progression from its own a prior purpose, but organically appears through diverse intended and coincidental interactions with diverse human and non-­human social actors.

Index: 목차
#day 0: createEvent / 이벤트 생성자
#day 1: a new actor / 객체의 생성 (http://leokang.com/day1/)
#day 2: we are already connected / 필연 (http://leokang.com/day2/)
#day 3: actor / 객체 (http://leokang.com/day3/)
#day 5: when wind blows / 바람이 분다 (http://leokang.com/day5/)
#day 7: almost july / 아직은 봄 (http://leokang.com/day7/)

Hello! India - 세번째 인도, 그리고 첫사랑, 2007

'Hello India' is a collection of travel essays that I wrote about my backpacking experience in India. This book has been published since 2007 and once ranked as top 10 best selling book(Naver) in Jan 2008 in Korea. This book also has been introduced and published in Korean official middle school textbook since 2009.

Genre: Travel Essay
Author: Kang Laewoo
Paperback: 297 pages
Language: Korean
Publisher: Editor (27th Dec 2007)
ISBN: 9788992037242

37 Secrets of Photoshop Masterpiece , 2005

Genre: Tutorial book
Author: Kang Laewoo and 6 other Korean graphic artists
Paperback: 521 pages
Languages: Korean
Publisher: Information & Culture (8th Oct, 2005)

37 Secrets of Photoshop Masterpiece is a tutorial book that offers step-by-step instructions of 37 pieces of graphic art pieces produced from Photoshop version 7.0. This book is written by a collaboration of 6 visual artists including me in Korea. Included works of mine: